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Welcome... Njeri Ngunjiri & Co. provides legal services to airlines, airline customers and airline regulators.
We experience in cases that are both local and international in nature. Whether you are an aggrieved airline customer, airline against a customer, airline against a regulator or an airline against an aircraft manufacturer, we shall expertly fight for you or your business both in Kenya and abroad.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a case with an international airline, where do I start?

Let's have a look at the case. Some cases may be handled in the airline's local offices. Sometimes we may need to file cases in the airline's respective country.

Why are there few lawyers in aviation law?

Aviation Law is most often international in nature and therefore requires a lawyer to study multiple constitutions and laws of different countries to successfully handle aviation matters.


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When legal educational qualification meets talent, passion and experience, you get a lawyer you can depend on to expendiete your matter with utmost precision and speed.
We are not just lawyers, but a team of passionate team. Passionate with offering reliable legal services to businesses and individuals in Kenya and outside Kenya.
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