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Are you buying/selling land, house, business entity or any other property? With the right legal and other experts' advice, you may be assured that you'll not lose your money or property in the process.
Njeri Ngunjiri & Co. Advocates, meticulously studies the transaction, does all the requisite due deligence and searches to assure you, our client, you are safe.
Of all the conveyancing transactions we have led, non of our clients has ever lost money or property.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a land surveyor adequate when buying and selling land?

No. You'll at least need a lawyer and a surveyor. A surveyor is trained to demacate land among others. The lawyer is trained to develop agreements, carry out legal due deligence etc.

Does Njeri Ngunjiri & Co litigate

Yes. Where need arises we shall with utmost efficacy, precision, expertise and passion, represent you in all judicial processes.

Must I start with Njeri Ngunjiri & Co for you to defend me in case something goes wrong?

No. Wherever you are in the process, we'll get you and help to best possible legal possibilities.


Njeri Ngunjiri & Co. Advocates Always Expenditious and Dependable

When legal educational qualification meets talent, passion and experience, you get a lawyer you can depend on to expendiete your matter with utmost precision and speed.
We are not just lawyers, but a team of passionate team. Passionate with offering reliable legal services to businesses and individuals in Kenya and outside Kenya.
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