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Protect Your Idea or Design

You invention or design is your own property. You need to protect it. Otherwise, another person may use it without paying or even recognizing you.
The most common intellectual property is the trademark. This is your business name, trade name, logo designs et cetra. Being registered as business name does not prevent another person from using similar name. You need to protect it through trademark registration.
Inventions, copyrights and utility models also need to be protected. This gives you a title of ownership to your ingenuity and creativity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a trademark equivalent to a business name?

No. A business name, normally registered with the Attorney General's Chamber does prevent another person from using a name close to yours. However, though hard if similarity is not obvious and does not seem to confuse customers, it is possible to defend your business name even if not trademarked.

I have a pantent registered in Kenya, can people from other countries "steal" the idea

Yes. After filing a patent in a country, you need to file it in all the countries you think may steal your idea. As Njeri Ngunjiri & Co. Advocates, we'll advise on the best steps tp take.

Do I really need to trademark my business name or designs?

Yes, you need to, unless you don't mind a competitor using a similar name or designs.


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