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A formidable legal representation

Njeri Ngunjiri & Co. Advocates has over time handled numerous cases in courts both in Kenya and abroad. We have garnered vast experience that you can depend on. Coupled with our passion and legal expertise, you are assured of reliable, depandable and strong legal representation in judicial processes.
For every case we handle, we thoroughly study it as well as carefully study the opponent and their evidence to give you the best footing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I assured of winning the case?

Winning a case depends on several factors including the evidence that your opponent presents compared to yours. Sometimes an opponent may have overwhelming evidence against you. In this case, a lawyer will work to get you the minimum penalty possible.

Why do cases take too long in courts? Can you expedite my case?

We are cognizant of the fact that justice delayed is justice denied. We work hard to ensure your case is fast tracked. Sometimes, it maybe to your best interests that the case is delayed to "forever"
However there are factors beyond a lawyer's control that determine how long a case will take. Inadequacy of judges is one of the factors that an advocate has minimal control over.

How do I know a "good" lawyer to represent me?

A lawyer should be registered with Law Society of Kenya, it's the basic requirement. It also vital to find out how well the lawyer has handled similar cases.


Njeri Ngunjiri & Co. Advocates Always Expenditious and Dependable

When legal educational qualification meets talent, passion and experience, you get a lawyer you can depend on to expendiete your matter with utmost precision and speed.
We are not just lawyers, but a team of passionate team. Passionate with offering reliable legal services to businesses and individuals in Kenya and outside Kenya.
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